Coffee in a crane - the Kranhauscafé

In the last years of the 19th Century, Oberschöneweide became home to a huge industrial complex owned by the electrical firm AEG. The vast cable production works - Kabelwerk Oberspree - saw coal being brought by the barge load to a harbour on the river Spree, where it fuelled the complex's own power station.

The factory was handed first to the Berlin municipal authority before becoming a Soviet Joint Stock Company in November 1946, then the state-owned enterprise VEB Kabelwerk Oberspree (or simply VEB KWO) in 1952.

Around 1967, a new crane was built at the harbour to help with unloading coal for the site, which was used until 1984.

Though it's a fascinating area to look around, there may only be so much industrial sightseeing you can take on a cold day like this one. That's when you'll be glad that someone chose to turn this crane into a café...

Inside, wooden flooring and vintage furniture lend a cosy retro vibe. Big windows look out onto the Spree, where barges would once have brought coal for the industrial complex's power station. The river might not bring Oberschöneweide its lifeblood any more, but it still provides a nice view to take in while you sip your coffee.

The café offers a selection of cakes and light lunches, including salads, sandwiches and wonderful freshly-baked quiches.

It's a great place to spend a chilly winter's day, but it's small riverside garden means it's the perfect spot for a hot summer's afternoon as well

Despite what the official website says, the café is closed on Mondays. It's open from Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm, though it's also worth checking their Facebook page for news.

Paul-Tropp-Straße 11
12459 Berlin

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